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17 July 2011

I Need To Write...

That poem is inspiring for a writer whose lost his words, who couldn't comprehend what 26 letters could do in his life. I never knew how much I missed writing until I began editing my best friends 180 page dissertation that she is turning into a book. I could feel her brainwaves as I read through her elaborate social interpretations of Hip-Hop and Feminism and I couldn't but wonder what could I produce that would inspire others. I am nowhere near deciding what I want to write about, how I am going to find the time to write what I want to once I do decide or how I will go about publishing any texts. That's where I was when I began this blog.

This blog was a compilation of my sexual rage and urges combined with my passion for the written word (moreso typed word). And, I even lost that. But, finders keepers, losers weepers, and I ain't one for too much crying so I'm back in the game. And, I won't say I'm one of those players who will stay forever, but I am most definitely going to try and Brett Favre this shit.

Tune in as I keep the radio station of writing in full effect.

Much love to those who wrote asking me what happened to the blog.

Well, I'm back bitches!!!! LOL... (I'm not really calling you a bitch, I just felt the cliche' fit the moment.)


15 February 2011

Motherfucka of the Week: Big Boi

He calls wit that raspy and asks, "you ready, man?" I smile a lil, "yea, I'm good, how long?" he answers, "be there in a little bit" as he inhales on a black, "cool."

He arrives at the door, knocks that lil beat I know, and I answer, grab my coat and we walk out to the Suburban. At wit that hood wit, southern drawl, and G attitude he somehow makes me laugh without being comical, somehow turns me on without ever taking off his clothes, makes my dick hard without even giving me a full smile, and makes me fantasize about the night ahead when he raises that eyebrow (so fucking sexy).

He is...BIG BOI. And although this fantasy seems soooo rated G its just enough to get me going. I've been crushing on Big Boi since high school. He just SEEMS like a considerate, thoughtful, comedic bad ass and I think I like it. Sir Lucious Left Foot can approach any day and I promise you I would oblige.

In honor of Hip Hop's Old School our Motherfucka of the Week is....BIG BOI!

14 February 2011

Porn Pics of the Week: Daddies!!!

So, I'm dating a cat in his mid-thirties, which doesn't necessarily constitute him as a daddy but after seeing him and talking to him, he's like a daddy...LOL. Definitely not in a bad way cuz he's a sexy dude. I wanted to give a tribute some sexy daddies compliments of the various places I found them...LOL.


Porn Site of the Week: A HUB FOR

Ok guys, just when I thought I had seen it all, just when I thought my sperm wouldn't see another free website of quality, just when I thought I had exacerbated all of my possibilities I came across...(DRUM ROLL, FIREWORKS)...PORN HUB!

Ok, it's not that serious, but I can definitely say that PornHub is one of the ultimate porn sites. Not only are there scenes actual full scenes (unlike a certain X I know) but its both amateur and professional.

Whether you like it real and raw or you like it organized and calculated, whether you like to see your next door neighbor's kid get fucked in the ass or you like major porn stars getting fucked in the ass...PornHub is the place for you!

Check out some hand picked selections I've enjoyed today as me and my hand shared a special evening together in a lamplit room filled with beautiful green flowers delicately spread amongst a grape dutchee after we dined in a local Qdoba's. It was an amazing evening. And, the funny thing is I had two other Valentine offers this afternoon but I wanted it to be just me and him. I had valentine's with the other two over the weekend so I didn't mind giving him a little attention on this thug's holiday (yes, Cupid is a thug...he goes around shooting motherfuckas for no fucking reason).


Elmo 2 (<~click here) brought to you by PornHub

" Phat Black Ass Raw Adventure '' (<~click here) brought to you by PornHub

Big Thug Dick (<~click here) brought to you by PornHub

Valentine's are Funny...

I woke up to a text this morning from one of my homeboys that said, "Happy Halloween (I'm not bitter, tho)."

No, I can't peg you as bitter after you just referred to Valentine's Day as Halloween...LOL.

But, if you think about it Valentine's is a 'holiday' that people are more afraid of than actual Halloween. If you put 10/31 in a ring with 2/14 and made it a national championship fight, I'm sure you would see that ghouls and goblins just can't stand up to the mirror people face across the country on cupid ridden holiday.

I've heard more people ascert themselves who either didn't have a mate or who were in unhappy relationships saying "fuck Valentine's" or "I'm my own valentine, fuck a man (or woman)!" It's a bit much to face the reality that you've gone an entire year and you still don't have someone you can share a cheesy dinner, wilted flowers, and over priced chocolates that taste like ass (might be a turn on for some) with.

It makes you question your appearance, your personality, your flaws, your insecurities, your everything because you do an internal criticism of yourself that leaves you mentally drained sitting on your couch with a bottle of wine watching some reruns on the night of Valentine's.

But, who made Valentine's anyway. Who thought to make a day where you feel obligated to be with someone? Valentine's is the day you go on that first date with a guy you really like whether its in February or December. Valentine's is when you fuck that special someone who you've been dreaming about for months and he gets it just right in the bedroom. Valentine's is when you kiss him for the first time and although all man, you get a little tingle through your body and your dick feels heavy. That's valentine's.

Why force something one day of the year to be cliche. But, don't say fuck valentine's like I am about to say fuck valentine's because of your personal insecurities and self-esteem issues. Say fuck valentine's because you know the world can't tell you when to celebrate something special.


I'm not bitter....LMFAO!

Hip-Hop's Old School: Lesson 4

Earlier I discussed some new things that are happening in my life and I gotta give shouts out to the ultimate man in my life, THE CREATOR. The Creator rewards creativity and tenacity and I think that as progress in life he sees that I at least try to use my creative juices for the benefit for others and he is slowly trying to answers my prayers of upward mobility because of it.

So, I wanna give yall a lesson in motivational Hip-Hop inspired by one of the most creative artists Hip-Hop has ever seen--OUTKAST. Listen, get motivated, get up, get out, and get something!





...Down Low???

I was on one of those sites where you hook up with other men, well, boys, well some men, some boys, and I came across this guy's profile and his username was DLGUY4U or DLFREEK1, something to that effect and I looked through his pictures because, honestly, the name did intrigue me. Well, first off he had a face pic on his profile, and I said to myself, ok, he's living in a delusional world, then as I went through his pictures I realized if I saw him in the street I would think he was gay.

Now, you can take that with a grain of salt because I don't put anything past anyone, not because I am one of those dudes who fuck around and to make myself feel better about it I think every other man is on the down low, but just because of his demeanor, his disposition, etc. and because I'm not judgmental so I really don't give a fuck (just better if I'm attracted and you are...LOL). Now, the question becomes, what is DL?

I know that Keith Boykin, an author and publicist, wrote a book in response to that book, "Men on the Down Low" or "Down Low Men" or whatever by that cat who premiered on Oprah and made all black women think they have to question every man they date about their sexuality, so I know the question had come up before.

Keith speaks toward various types of men in his book to beg the question, WHAT IS DL? Well, he gives examples. There is the guy who dates women but fucks men, the guy who doesn't date women at all but only fucks men without any type of social dating, the guy who dates men and fucks men but doesn't openly say that he does, the guy who...the guy who...the guy who...

So, what is DL almost ten years after it was pegged on national tv by a dude whose conscious got the best of him and whispered cha-ching noises in his ear as he contemplated how he could make an entire race more suspect of each other than ever before?

I don't have the question to the answer. I no longer consider myself DL and I don't have face pics, I don't publicly discuss my sex life or relationships with other men so what about the guy who does but still considers himself DL? Definitely a good question up for debate.

...I'm Back!

It's been 3 weeks since I've posted last and a lot of things have happened within those 3 weeks that have occupied my time. Talks of promotions, talks of buying a home, talks of budding relationships are definitely good things.

I use my blog as my public journal giving other men who fuck with men the opportunity to read articles that they can identify with so that they don't feel as if what they feel and what they think are abnormal. And, I should've been sharing as I've been going along but what I will say is, "...I Damn Sure Have a Mouthful.............................TO SAY, THAT IS (FUCKING FREAKS!). LET'S GET TO TALKING!

26 January 2011

Questions, Questions...

He asked me "where is the vinegar?" and I fell in love, well, lust.

He's 5'10, about 210 pounds, light green eyes, mixed heritage, black and mexican and no matter the weather he comes in these tight polo shirts that hug his arms and his chest and shorts. Early 40's from what I can tell, a nice guy, a REAL NICE GUY.

I fell in lust with him as he asked me if we carried vinegar in the store because he had a big pot of collard greens and he couldn't eat his collard greens without the vinegar. Why the fuck don't we carry vinegar?

I had seen him in my retail part time before, but I guess I never really noticed him until that night. He is (I'm sitting here wondering if there is a word that could encapsulate how I feel)...10 seconds...another 20 seconds...fuck it, it's not, just know.

So, he came in the other day and as soon as approached the register he flashed that smile and said hello and I obliged with my pearly whites as I began his transaction. I look at his hands because clearly this man has to be married. I look at his left ring finger and there is nothing so I decide to flirt. It's a strong possibility he's bisexual if he's in his early 40's and isn't married (forgive me for my assumptions, I'm trying to learn this man flirting thing in public).

First, I say,

"What about those Steelers?"

"Oh man, they fried them didn't they bru?"

"Yea man, I heard, I was here, but I heard black and yellow did its thing."

"Not my team, but hey, going to super bowl so I gotta choose one of 'em."

"Yea, not mine either bru, but hey, my peeps root for em so I guess I can to--did you ever get your vinegar that night bru?"

"Man, hell yea, I had to travel a good while, but I got know I had cooked a big pot of them greens man and MY WIFE loves 'em, and we just couldn't eat it without our vinegar bo."

(Disappointed, but not showing) "Yea, bru, definitely a main ingredient. Can't eat that in the South without the vinegar, man."

I gave him his receipt.

"Tru, well, you have a good one man!"

"You to bru."

Question: Where the FUCK is your ring AND does that automatically disqualify you from my man flirting?

I don't know. You guys tell me!

(He looks very similar to the guy in the pic...very similar so you see what I mean)