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17 July 2011

I Need To Write...

That poem is inspiring for a writer whose lost his words, who couldn't comprehend what 26 letters could do in his life. I never knew how much I missed writing until I began editing my best friends 180 page dissertation that she is turning into a book. I could feel her brainwaves as I read through her elaborate social interpretations of Hip-Hop and Feminism and I couldn't but wonder what could I produce that would inspire others. I am nowhere near deciding what I want to write about, how I am going to find the time to write what I want to once I do decide or how I will go about publishing any texts. That's where I was when I began this blog.

This blog was a compilation of my sexual rage and urges combined with my passion for the written word (moreso typed word). And, I even lost that. But, finders keepers, losers weepers, and I ain't one for too much crying so I'm back in the game. And, I won't say I'm one of those players who will stay forever, but I am most definitely going to try and Brett Favre this shit.

Tune in as I keep the radio station of writing in full effect.

Much love to those who wrote asking me what happened to the blog.

Well, I'm back bitches!!!! LOL... (I'm not really calling you a bitch, I just felt the cliche' fit the moment.)


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