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14 February 2011

Valentine's are Funny...

I woke up to a text this morning from one of my homeboys that said, "Happy Halloween (I'm not bitter, tho)."

No, I can't peg you as bitter after you just referred to Valentine's Day as Halloween...LOL.

But, if you think about it Valentine's is a 'holiday' that people are more afraid of than actual Halloween. If you put 10/31 in a ring with 2/14 and made it a national championship fight, I'm sure you would see that ghouls and goblins just can't stand up to the mirror people face across the country on cupid ridden holiday.

I've heard more people ascert themselves who either didn't have a mate or who were in unhappy relationships saying "fuck Valentine's" or "I'm my own valentine, fuck a man (or woman)!" It's a bit much to face the reality that you've gone an entire year and you still don't have someone you can share a cheesy dinner, wilted flowers, and over priced chocolates that taste like ass (might be a turn on for some) with.

It makes you question your appearance, your personality, your flaws, your insecurities, your everything because you do an internal criticism of yourself that leaves you mentally drained sitting on your couch with a bottle of wine watching some reruns on the night of Valentine's.

But, who made Valentine's anyway. Who thought to make a day where you feel obligated to be with someone? Valentine's is the day you go on that first date with a guy you really like whether its in February or December. Valentine's is when you fuck that special someone who you've been dreaming about for months and he gets it just right in the bedroom. Valentine's is when you kiss him for the first time and although all man, you get a little tingle through your body and your dick feels heavy. That's valentine's.

Why force something one day of the year to be cliche. But, don't say fuck valentine's like I am about to say fuck valentine's because of your personal insecurities and self-esteem issues. Say fuck valentine's because you know the world can't tell you when to celebrate something special.


I'm not bitter....LMFAO!

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