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15 February 2011

Motherfucka of the Week: Big Boi

He calls wit that raspy and asks, "you ready, man?" I smile a lil, "yea, I'm good, how long?" he answers, "be there in a little bit" as he inhales on a black, "cool."

He arrives at the door, knocks that lil beat I know, and I answer, grab my coat and we walk out to the Suburban. At wit that hood wit, southern drawl, and G attitude he somehow makes me laugh without being comical, somehow turns me on without ever taking off his clothes, makes my dick hard without even giving me a full smile, and makes me fantasize about the night ahead when he raises that eyebrow (so fucking sexy).

He is...BIG BOI. And although this fantasy seems soooo rated G its just enough to get me going. I've been crushing on Big Boi since high school. He just SEEMS like a considerate, thoughtful, comedic bad ass and I think I like it. Sir Lucious Left Foot can approach any day and I promise you I would oblige.

In honor of Hip Hop's Old School our Motherfucka of the Week is....BIG BOI!

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