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16 January 2011

The Exploitation of MLK: Here's To You ATL!

I think I was really taken aback about two years ago when I found out that there was this event for THE GAYS that happened every MLK Weekend.

The debauchery, the sinister nature, and the fuckery that happens in the same city where this man was born and raised and we use it to commence this fuckery!

Now, I can understand if we go to ATL for the weekend and maybe hit a club or two, have a couple of drinks, but to dedicate an entire weekend to bathhouses, freak niks, threesomes, fivesomes, tensomes is not the purpose for MLK day!

Martin Luther King may have fought for equal rights and justice no matter the color, the sex, the age, THE SEXUAL ORIENTATION, the economic class, THE STATUSES that we create too well in this country, but it is not the time to find space to have sex parties and bullshit.

Serve on MLK Day, give back to the community, or even hold an event at your house where you celebrate his life. Celebrate the strides made toward making this country a place of equality, not for one to have sex parties, but for one to celebrate what it is to be human and to be accepted no matter the sexual orientation, race, age or socioeconomic status one has.

Just something to remember...we will do what we want when we want, but just have a conscience is all I'm saying.

Martin Luther the King, Jr.: 1.15.29-4.4.68 COMMEMORATE!

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