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09 January 2011

The Discrete Relationship 13: The Ex

Listen fellas, the one thing that we have to learn as men is that we are analytical thinkers, well, most of us. We make decisions, not with our emotions, but with our logic. Well, I'll say, at least for me, my decisions are based 90 percent in logic, 10 percent in emotions.

When we decide to commit to someone we've made a conscious decision and we feel comfortable because we just didn't think with our dicks. Yes, our dicks make decisions in the bedroom, but our brains make the decisions when we enter a relationship. The same holds true for when we break up so all I can say is WHEN AN EX IS AN EX LEAVE THEM YOUR EX.

Now, I give this advice for most of you. Some of us do make mistakes and we make rash decisions so if you truly know that you and this dude are going to be good together, referencing the past just might be the key to the future.

And, for those with ex's who are fucking psychotic bastards, deal with them carefully and ensure, if you are in a relationship or you have ex's, that your friends are not involved with those ex's unless those friends and your ex are mature enough to handle a circle that is broken.

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