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06 December 2010

Over 10,000 Views!!!

I started this blog in hopes of sharing some of the views shared by men who struggle with the same issues I struggle with being gay or bisexual and choosing to live discreetly. I think that choosing to live this lifestyle is one of the most difficult things to do, especially as black men, because not only do you play the game of black and white in your everyday professional and social lives, but you have to play straight and gay as well.

It can be a strain because sometimes you feel the need to share with your closest family and friends and all you really want is acceptance without the judgmental glares and side comments. In a world where sleeping with other men is considered to be less than manly we choose to live a life that is much more difficult, and yes, some may say that it's as easy as just telling them, but when you tell you also put yourself on the line for MAJOR CRITICISM, and you have to be mentally ready to deal with that major criticism.

I think that some of my posts, including the sexual ones, gives those dudes who choose to live under the veil an outlet. Even if you do not comment or you do not add anything to the site, I know from the number of views, that you identify with what I write and the topics I choose to discuss and I hope that I can continue to give you shit that you identify with. I hope to one day make a premiere blog that is nationwide and well-known. Until then, I hope you continue to use my site for a couple of words that brings the quiet back to your mind after a long day of wearing both the masks--and the ability to BUST A NUT right after, LOL.

I'm looking forward to getting to 25,000 views. Whole new, simpler look, simpler ways to read, and the ability to comment even if you are not a member of Google and you can vote on if my articles relate to you. It's been EIGHT months and I look forward to many more!


-The Discrete Male

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