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06 December 2010

B.M.H.: Shaun T's INSANITY

We've seen the commercials, seen the ads on websites, seen the questions about his sexuality, yes, I'm talking about Shaun T--the dude who invented "INSANITY," one of the best selling products by BeachBody.

From the pics, from the testimonies, from what I've heard from co-workers and other locals, it seems like Shaun T has some idea of how to get you into shape. With long blasts of intense workouts and short blasts of low-intensity workouts, it seems that you can get the body of your dreams in just 60 days for the "you determine if its low" price of $119.99+shipping and handling.

I've never tried it, but by reading about his program it seems that he is on to something. To reverse the idea and give you LONG BLASTS OF INTENSITY instead of SHORT BLASTS OF INTENSITY, which is the opposite of what trainers have their clients do typically, it makes sense to me. As you know I've had three trainers and the trainer I got the best results with was the trainer who made me do intense workouts with little breaks.

If you would like to try it, visit and check it out for yourself.



"I gotta put ur mic back n ur booty!"

I hear it. Listen to him, I hear it. And, I'm not one of them gay dudes who try and make every dude gay to make me feel secure--it's not that serious for me. But, I hear it.

Shaun T did an amazing job with creating a fitness empire, but he has some mannerisms and his voice does some things that make me question.


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