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22 December 2010

Motherfucka of the Week: Santonio Holmes

I like 'em dark, fit, and intelligent. I know I like something different every week...just see it as me understanding that I have various attractions (and STFU!...LOL).

Santonio Holmes has not only been Rookie of the Year, but he has also been given the title MVP. The dude has mad heart in the game and definitely gives his all each season inspite of the track record for the two teams he's played for (Steelers, Jets).

What's most amazing about him is he is quietly sexy and there is this ruggedness about him that would bring any nigga to his knees (literally). And, when he smiles it makes you wanna unzip your pants.

And, when he unzips you can see below...your jaws will drop! Just make sure you open wide...

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