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21 December 2010

How Much Do You Masturbate???

I did a poll a while back (not a pole, a poll) that asked how much YOU masturbate. YES, YOU!

And, I don't remember the results, but I do want to revisit the topic. I was speaking with my therapist (that sounds kind of uppity, but like I'm crazy all at the same time, but we keep it real and more black people need to have one) and we were discussing some of the things that keeps me from having GOOD RELATIONSHIPS with other guys.

Now, my therapist is also a sex therapist and the reason why I chose him is because we can have open and honest conversation about my life without the hidden secrets and whatever. Thank the Creator for the confidentiality clause.

So, he said something that struck me. "Masturbation can be a legitimate reason why you haven't found a guy."

I thought about it and thought about it. See, I thought that by me masturbating more and not having a bunch of sex would keep me from being a hoe and would limit me from jumping into bed on the first date (CHECK MY DISCRETE RELATIONSHIP 11 POST), but ultimately, what I'm doing is disabling another person to please me and I become satisfied with pleasing myself. In addition, just like in the post I just told you to reference, we become more satisfied with the fantasy than the reality of enjoying being with someone else.

In doing that we become comfortable with not having someone else, meaning we don't seek to find satisfying relationships and we don't put in the work to attaining a good relationship.

Damn, so true. So, if you are a CHRONIC MASTURBATOR, just something to think about. On average, I jack it about twice a day. Now, I think I'm going to bring it down to once a week (TAKE MY COMPUTER PLEASE OR PUT A PARENTAL GUARD ON IT CUZ THIS IS GONNA BE HARD...LOL...PUN INTENDED).

Just something to think about!

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