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21 December 2010

B.M.H. Part 5: My Ultimate Routine

Iight fellas. So, one of my followers asked me the other day what do I do when I'm gymming. And, I have went back to my old routine that gave ME the most success. Now, all of our bodies are different so you have to figure out what works best for you. This is my NEW agenda for my workouts with some OLD things that worked for me in the past.

1. Protein Intake per Day: It is recommended that you should eat your weight+half your weight in grams of protein per day. I know that didn't make sense so here is the formula.
  • I weigh 125 so I need to eat 125 grams of protein+ 1/2 of 125 so for me, beginning, I will need to eat 187.5 grams of protein OR MORE per day to grow at a steady pace.
2. Calorie Intake per Day: To gain certain pounds you have to eat a certain amount of calories per day depending on your body weight and your fat percentage.
  • Example: I am 125 pounds and I have 5% body fat. I have to first calculate my lean body mass.
  • Formula for LEAN BODY MASS: Body Weight 125 x (100%-5%)=119 (to next decimal point)
  • Then you multiply your LEAN BODY MASS (119) x 19=2261
So, as I begin, I need to eat AT LEAST 2,261 calories per day (with 187.5 grams/protein per day) to build muscle mass.

3. Ensure: I can't do protein shakes because I neither have the time nor can I stomach most protein shakes so I do two bottles of ENSURE with added protein to my diet per day. It really did great things for me.

4. Creatine: Again, I can't do shakes so I use the liquid purified form of Creatine taking two doses per day (1 preworkout, 1 postworkout).

And, that's all I do. If you are trying to become a BODYBUILDER there is a little more that goes into your supplementation and diet and I AM NOT the one to consult for that...LOL.

Hope it helps!

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