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01 November 2010

The Miseducation of The Homo Brother

The first time I was exposed to the idea that gay men were ACTIVELY SEEKING to get AIDS was on this show called "Queer as Folk" that premiered on SHOWTIME. When i watched it, it had only been a couple of months in that I had started fucking around with dudes myself. I had spent so much time previewing and reviewing dudes profiles, what they said, and how they conducted themselves to ensure they were not promiscuous and that they took contracting any disease seriously that I could not fathom the idea that dudes were being promiscuous, not for the enjoyment of sex, but to get the disease and "GET IT OVER WITH." The idea was that as a GAY MAN you were going to contract it anyway, so why not earlier than later.

The psychosis behind this ideology that gay men, BOTH BLACK AND WHITE, had owned is the fact that they would in fact die earlier deaths leaving them with less time to take on the responsibility of being GAY AND BEING AN AMERICAN. Which, in this country, we all know is a little difficult.

So, when I got a link to this short it brought back all those thoughts I had when I had initially been made privy to this information. It is utterly ridiculous to believe that getting HIV/AIDS on purpose is the way to solve our problems as GAY, or even BISEXUAL MEN. The disease is no longer a death sentence as it once was. It just means that you will have one more thing to worry about as you continue to live your life.

If you believe that this is the way to go, seek counseling because ultimately you are dealing with some self-esteem issues and insecurities surrounding your sexuality whether you would like to admit it or not. And, if you have contracted the disease, be an advocate to the young brothers who intentionally scope you out just because you have the disease. And, if you do have it, PLEASE DO NOT THINK THAT IT IS THE END. There are men who have the disease who are, look, and feel better than some dudes who do not have it.

Remember to always wrap it up and critically analyze your partner's motives when they propose sexual acts with you.

This following clip is a film produced that focuses on this issue and the consequences surrounding them. It is a film that is more artistic than most you've seen and some parts may seem to be out of place, but the director, I think, created it in this manner to present the same idea in a very different manner.

Learn and Enjoy!

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  1. As a blog geek, never have I come across one that express my exact personal taste, desires, fantasies, etc... Seriously, I read every post because it's a little erie when you read a strangers blog that sound as if you wrote every word.

    I see you're a man of integrity. I LOVE and especially AGREE with The Mask description at the end of the your blog. Another term for "double consciousness" is "code switching." I have a different opinion about the Jesus dildo, but I embrace critical thinking and varied opinions. I found your blog while seeking new porn sites off the llinks from in2itall blogspot. Now I'll go to your links and see whats new. Bro,keep writing and expressing. I'll bookmark this site and return soon. Thanks!