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26 October 2010

I was tweeting some twitshit the other day when two of my boys who follow me follow back were having a conversation about HBO'S REAL SEX.

I had to jump in the midst of the convo because my only porn when I was in middle and high school was HBO'S REAL SEX, CINEMAX'S LATE NIGHT TV-MA BULLSHIT, and WATCHING THE REAL PORN THROUGH ALL THE FUZZ ON THE TV--like, ope, I saw a titty, ope, I saw his dick.

So, when they were discussing it of course I had to google HBO'S REAL SEX. I was specifically looking for this clip they did of these BLACK MALE EXOTIC DANCERS and there were about 4, but one in particular that I think about even as an adult. That's how much I remember him.

Wait, I guess I did know I had a little homo in me before I started fucking around.

Anyway, I definitely wanted to post the clip because I FUCKING FOUND THE CLIP. I don't know how long it will be on the site that its listed on, but definitely enjoy it while you can.

P.S.-Look at the dude who walks on the stage on all 4's and then raises up and his dick just swings between his leg while he flexes his muscle. He's the same cat looking in the mirror stroking himself with the vaseline. Oh...SO...SEXY!

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