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02 October 2010

Hip-Hop's Old School: Vol. 2

Salt N Pepa feat. En Vogue: "What a Man"

Yo, I remember the first time I saw this vid, and I didn't even know shit about being gay or no shit like that, but I was amazed and in awe of the dudes they had in this video. Was like dayum, nigga! LOL...

Ruff Neck: MC Lyte

This was before the "THUG," it was the ruffneck yo, I need a ruff neck, not a thug...seems thug is interchangeable with pretty dude with a fitted. Can I come home and you been to your 9-5 and you sitting on the couch "fiddling wit ur dick hairs?" Need an educated, reformed ruff that even a real thing? LMAO...I don't know...

All I gotta say is these bitches was sick wit it on this track...the finest pussies in Hip-Hop!

Clearly, you understand why I got this on the list...muscles and ass--guess she forgot the dick, but it's all good!

Sooo, I thought I was Lil Cease when I was in middle school and high school and I used to dress like him, try and talk like him, and I was in love with Lil Kim and I imagined I was married to her and we would wear fly ass shit and go all across the country with Biggie in the entourage and shit. was really, now that I realize it, was I liked Lil Cease. Lol! Big ups Cease, fuck the haters!

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