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15 October 2010

B.M.H. 4: Really Making the Changes

For the past couple of months I have been trying to share my personal experiences with my other 'discrete males' and some of those experiences have included my personal struggles with eating the wrong shit, smoking, drinking and the obvious health problems that can result from these types of activities.

And, I'm sure, if you've read the posts, you call me a consistent BACKSLIDER. This week I want to be all healthy and shit and next week I fall short of the glory and then next month I'm back in the good graces of getting rid of addiction and then next week the evil SPIRITS that lie in the ABC store get me again.

Well, unfortunately, my body is beginning to be the thing that is mentally making me slow down. When I was a vegetarian and didn't drink or smoke I felt healthy, vibrant, creative, even translucent to a degree. Now, I struggle to write at the level I used to, I'm always tired, I am nowhere near my goal weight, blah, blah, blah, blah. You hear it every so often so I won't repeat.

But, now, where I had the STRONG DESIRE to always be in a bar drinking or at home with a bottle and a blunt ALL DAY I don't anymore. For the past couple of days I've not smoked a Port during the day, I haven't had any alcoholic beverages, and I've ACTUALLY STOPPED EATING PORK AND BEEF! And, I've been off of those for the past couple of weeks. Do I see a change in body? Yes, I do, for the worse, I'm not sure if I'm cleansing a little, but I do feel a little bad, but I went through this stage before as I began to transition into vegetarianism.

I had a long day today, was up since 6 and had a REALLY, REALLY stressful day at work and its Friday so I'm going to get a little Vodka and Cran in, a HALF A BLUNT, and relax, but I know its not like its going to be an everyday thing anymore. I am going back to my schedule I shared before...none of the above Mon-Thurs...and on the weekends if I want to chill and relax I will, but in moderation!

I still say, if you feel like you're spending too much time hanging out drinking or smoking three or four or five or six (LOL) blunts a day, take your time and let your body assist you with breaking the habits, or at the least, minimizing how much you do it.

I WANT TO SEE MEN LIVING AND LIVING BEYOND 50 AND 60 to SEE 90 AND 100. We can only do that if we begin to take better care of ourselves.


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