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16 October 2010

The Psychology Behind...

One of the things I realize is that it is difficult for African-American men in this country. We deal with a plethora of issues that stem from our arrival in this country. We are 'supposed' to be the leaders in our homes and families, and I can say we take the role seriously for the most part as I see more and more African-American males stepping up to the plate getting married, being in relationships, and earning graduate degrees and doing something with it, but the stress and the pressure of being a 'BLACK MAN' in this country can be overwhelming.

Not to mention a great deal of us come from backgrounds that aren't necessarily what one would call nurturing environments. We deal with molestation by both sexes, we deal with moms who really did LOVE us moreso than RAISE us, we deal with DADDY not being around at all leaving us to figure out what manhood is thru supplemental courses offered by the streets or we create our own lesson plans, we pushed to the side, not only by other races, but by our women and ourselves because WE don't see our self-worth, and we have this image to be MANDIGO WARRIOR MEN and when we don't fit the bill, we feel LESS THAN.

It's understandable that we would look to SUBSTANCES to alleviate the pain and keep us from living in the reality that is OUR LIFE. Lately, I've been seeing MANY videos with BLACK MEN being so HIGH AND INTOXICATED from DRUGS that we act out in public. And, not only act out, but PASS OUT, and its not healthy. I KNOW ITS A CALL FOR HELP, but others don't understand that. It's a comedic act to them or entertainment for a couple of minutes to see this BROTHERS lash out ON THEMSELVES in public.

If you are reading this and you feel as if SHIT IS JUST TOO MUCH or YOU CAN'T DEAL WITH IT ALL, maybe you should seek REAL HELP instead of DRUGS. I have a friend who always says, it is one thing for someone to disappoint you, but its another when you disappoint yourself. IT WILL BE DISAPPOINTING TO YOURSELF TO BE CAUGHT IN PUBLIC BUTT NAKED BECAUSE YOU DECIDED THAT THE DRUG WAS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR SAFETY AND YOUR PERSONAL HEALTH AND SELF-VALUE.

Just a thought as I watched these videos. E-mail me if you would like for me to help you research FREE COUNSELING SERVICES in your area.

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