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15 October 2010

Arturole: Mexifreak

You know how on XTube you can view a picture of the video before you click on it? Well, I'll go through sometimes just to see what these freaky ass niggas post--or, for me, I'll click the "smoke" search and check that (GEESH, I KNOW). So, there was this one with this dark skin cat laid up against a pillow against the wall and this lightskin cat doing the same beside him. Both of the motherfuckas were in that "we bout to jack in the bed while watching a flick" position, so I decided to see what the shit was all about. Everybody can relate to that "we bout to jack in the bed while we watching a flick" position, because often times when we meet a dude for the first time, and trying to feel them out, we do the jack off, maybe get a little head routine until the two get to know each other better.

So, I click on it and no matter how many times I watch this shit I always nutt and I always nutt before the end because it is such a turn on. First, you wouldn't think TOP would be that sexy seeing him with his clothes on. And, I wouldn't have guessed LIL LIGHTSKIN could throat a big dick so deep and not fucking gag or choke on the shit. I could only imagine his ass making the head of my dick touch the very back of his throat, which is A MAJOR TURN ON...

And, the way he takes that dick and the way TOP gives it to him is fucking amazing. I LOVE THAT shit when BOTTOM gets naked and TOP just pulls his shirt up or off and pulls his pants down--the illusion that this is just a quicky for TOP but an all out sex session for BOTTOM. It definitely has that HIT AND RUN type of feel and that shit drives your boy crazy.

I had to share as I began thinking about updates for the week. But, yo, CLICK ON THE LINK...CHECK FOR YOURSELF...TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!


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