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13 September 2010


Anybody that knows me knows that I am dedicated to the mission of the upward mobility and political awareness of African-Americans, well, Africans of the Diaspora altogether. As much as one would like to think that all I think about is ass and dick all day (well, it is most of the day) I am also trying to participate in activities that speak toward African spirituality as well as political relief for our people. My first love was neither a chick nor a dude, but the race. I am a former African-American studies major, advocate of children, and I don't do well with race relations because I am biased toward African-Americans. Not prejudice per se or racist, but I understand that the fight is not over because civil rights has not all been accomplished.

So, when I came across this artists a couple of months ago I was mad impressed, and not to mention he's a good looking little cat. The amazing thing is dude is from London and you know how I get about them British accents---and, to add insult to injury, not only can I hear it in his interviews, but to hear that accent while he's rhyming over some hard ass tracks just makes it all the better.

TO BE HONEST, as many pornstars and celebs I post on here, who are my type, don't get me wrong, this dude would be my IDEAL MATE! Check him out and tell me what you think...but don't try and message him and shit, b/c he's my dude!!! LOL...

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