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13 September 2010

...Can I Do Him If It Came To It?

Naw, this is not an article about how to push yourself to have sex with motherfuckas you not really attracted to...OR, is it?

Wait, let me see how I want to write this...give me a min...

Ok, well, first and foremost, I'm late posting this, BUT I FUCKING LOVE KANYE MOTHERFUCKIN WEST...No matter what they say about him worshipping the devil...we'll get to that later. The politics in music...LOL.

Anyway, I guess it would be a guide for fucking somebody you don't think is ULTRA sexy.

Like, Kanye. Kanye is not my typical type of cat. I mean, I always recognized his genius, but I realized many Christmases ago that just because the outside wrapping ain't all that great, it doesn't mean the present inside isn't the shit!

Now, I stay in awe of this dude and his musical abilities and his political stances, but once I saw this video I was so excited and it's as if the outside package had even become more attractive because that motherfucka's BRAIN is just so FUCKING HUGE! AND I LIKE BIG...BRAINS...LOL. You might just get brain if the brain is huge...remember that fellas!

Check out the promo vid for his new joint and tell me the shit is not HARD...HE'S SUCH A WALKING PHALLIC SYMBOL...

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