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21 August 2010

...Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut, Sometimes You Don't!

HAHA! Got your attention. Now, that I have your attention I am giving you FAIR WARNING...I got a lotta shit to say and a lotta shit to post. It's 8:35 p.m. on a fucking Saturday night and I don't give a FUCK that I'm not out painting the town red because I have fucked you guys over because I haven't posted since Methusalah was originally born. HENCE THE TITLE!

I have MOUNDS AND MOUNDS of shit to discuss...well, not like that, but hey!

Well, to be honest, I've been running and ripping and planning and dealing with life for the past two weeks and I needed a break so I am using today as my break day. I AIN'T DID SHIT ALL DAY and don't plan to do anything. I got fucked up last night and had a hangover so it was by choice and force, but it's all good.


P.S.-For the 'ignant' motherfuckas, MOUNDS is a candybar and it is also what HETERO MEN back in the 80's used to call titties. I know some of you were a little confused by the images...LOL. Still love ya tho bru bru!

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