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21 August 2010

The Discrete Relationship 6, con, con.: The Little Things...

...From that e-mail, we buried the hatchet (IF YOU'RE CONFUSED, PLEASE REFERENCE "The Discrete Relationship 6, con: The Little Things...and then read this--sorry, its BLOGGER, not me) and we talked regularly for a while and then I didn't speak to him for about a week just because LIFE is happening to me. A new part time job I'm trying to organize for, trying to plan some events for a friend of mine, my regular job and starting a new school year, getting prepared to apply for doctorate programs, just I had been M.I.A. for maybe a week or little more.

Well, I got on today and I got the nicest e-mail, or one of the nicest e-mails that I've gotten thus far and it wasn't even more than three words----------"U GOOD?"

Now, this is why I say I'm becoming a softee because before hand I would have looked at that shit and would've had some dirty shit to say, like, "...yea, nigga, I'm good, U GOOD?" b/c I don't like all that or I used to not like all that.

But, after having the week I've had and ripping and running and going here to there and even with dealing with the insurmountable amount of financial obligations I've been having lately, to see him ask and be concerned about my well-being because he knows I've been on the grind really got me. And, I began wondering, and we've discussed this before fellas, "...when does it become less about what HE wears, what HE drives, what degrees HE has, or HE's not Denzel or whoever the fuck you think is sexy...when does it become less about that than actually finding a dude who gives a fuck about YOU and your well-being and having someone to come home to or even call when you get home if you're not living together and just ask, "U GOOD?"

It made my fucking day...and to those of you who think that what I just said is some bullshit (which, most likely you're probably younger in age or even young in the aspect of dealing with other dudes) I think you'll understand my words and my sentiment in due time if you open yourself to the idea of being with a guy long-term. The Creator only knows how far I've come in realizing all the shit I've just discussed...

My mom dukes used to say relationships are a funny thing and goddamn if I ain't smiling!

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