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14 July 2010

To Sir With...Feet?

Sir Lucious Left Foot Has Done It...Again!

Big Boi would like you to know that he has thoroughly prepared a new Hip-Hop dish waiting for your consumption at local musical restaurants such as ITunes, Billboard, Borders...reference the website for possible pick-ups. And, he most definitely put his foot in this one!

The overall taste that inspired this dish is classic American Southern but soft Mexican seasoning with hints of electronica, Jay, that is, bass from the drums manufactured by Synthesizers (copyright 1970's), sprinkles of saxophonic, trumpet, and tambourine, and the main course is Leg of Lyrical Genius. The Sous Chef, Big Boi, would also like the public to know that some other chefs came by to add to the overall succulent flavor of the dish, just to vary the satisfying sounds for your personal pleasure, such as the one and only Joi who hails from the letters ATL, Mr. Sleepy Brown who guarantees you will be so satisfied -ITIS is guaranteed, and what's definitely great for everyone is he went to the T.I.p of the iceburg to bring you a little reformed TRAP flow that accents the Goodies in the dish well with other musical chef Khujo from the Mob.

Once in the musical restaurant of your choice please ask your local attendant for Sir Lucious Left Foot's "Son of Chico Dusty."

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