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14 July 2010

I Like It Thicke...!

I have a poll that asks, "...will you date outside your race?" Well, regardless of my vote, I damn sure like it Thicke bru.

Robin Thicke's ultra sultry, debonair, but sweetly masculine falsetto makes me want to find a first date--a dark-skinned, 5'6, curly haired date with a 39in chest that can teach me multiples of 3 by feeling the sides of both his ribs, with thighs that married a leg press and an ass that fucked squats all too well, and a back that rows more than 100, and speaks like Obama during his formative years, and has a heart like the ones we drew for our girlfriends back in elementary school, and a voice that says I have stocks and bonds and a mortgage, and is cultured like the rappers who can speak about the TRAP and the coastlands of Europe, with the swag of a pretty boy who doesn't call himself pretty, and the dick that lands a little over the middle of the ruler just so I can have burgers and beer, smoke one, watch an action or psychological thriller, drift off to sleep, wake up him having laid his head in my lap, kiss innocently on the couch, undress each other slowly to our boxers, move into the bedroom, lay up under each other knowing we're both rock hard but dare not pull it out, and wake up in the morning so engorged that we fuck senseless knowing we don't play by the rules of the one-night stand, but rather the rules of sex in the morning that will bring you back that night...


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