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11 July 2010


YAHOO! Groups are fucking amazing yo! I get all types of e-mails discussing all types of issues, pics for days, vids for months, and spam for years...LOL. But, its all good but they save me a lot of money on porn and to have some eye candy every now and again is definitely sup.

And, in the words of another member of one of the groups I've joined: "gay, bi, and motherfuckas who think they don't have labels but fuck wit dudes, don't just talk bout fucking and sucking dick, they can have conversations, too."

In one of those conversations these guys were talking about short dudes and are they really attractive and why do men want short men, etc., etc. A great deal of dudes was responding like, "...I love short dudes yo," or "...short dudes are the sexiest, only fuck wit short cats..."

However, for some, they were going on and on about short dudes because they could "...throw them around while fucking," or "...pick them up while they riding," or "...pound little dudes like bitches..."

I AM 5'2 and so, lol, I was taken aback by the post because I think that motherfuckas have the wrong idea about short cats. Do not assume that a nigga who is short will allow you to emasculate them just because you are taller. Do not assume all short guys are submissive bitches who take dick all day and will clean your house. Do not assume that short guys are weak, quiet motherfuckas who will not say shit to you if you buck them. Do not assume that short dudes are not tops--total tops. Do not assume that short men cannot pull MAD PUSSY. Do not assume that short dudes are women in men bodies just because they are smaller.

I have many more "assumptions" but we cannot keep this post rolling forever fellas. But, remember, YOU BECOME THE ASS IN THE SITUATION WHEN YOU ASSUME SHIT ABOUT SHORT DUDES AND PLEASE BELIEVE YOU WILL GET FUCKED!

You can call it the Napoleonic complex, you can call it the short man complex, you can call it whatever the fuck you need to for you to comprehend the idea that short men are just that--MEN who happen to be short.

In the words of my boy Kevin Hart, "...IMMA GROWN ASS LIL MAN AND I WILL NOT BE TALKED TO LIKE THAT!"


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