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23 July 2010

I Gotta Sideline Hustle...

I think that everybody should have their full-time job and then a little business or sideline hustle for extra cash. In fact, I just landed a second gig my damn self and I know that the extra cash and the extra experience will be beneficial for my professional career and my bank account. But, what about having the sideline dude?

I'm in that complicated situation I mentioned earlier, but really, I have to really be real with myself and the fact is that I am really still single--I just have a dude who is really interested and vice versa. So, in the relationship category, I have a part-time position, but no full-time gig.

So, what happens when you are consistently offered to be the sideline hustle? There are two dudes that I used to fuck with on the regular--one I knew had a full-time dude but understood that the relationship was more like a living arrangement. The second I knew was dating other cats, but didn't know he had a committed full-time relationship.

I cut the one who I knew for sure had a dude off just because I began to feel some type of way because we would have to schedule shit around when his dude wasn't home or he could only come to me when his dude wasn't in his face. Secondly, it made me think--yo, you gotta motherfucka that you sleep with after you bust a nutt and I don't. I cannot and will not be the second option.

Now, the other dude, within the past couple weeks has admitted that him and the dude he is with are living together and are in a committed relationship. From the experience of fucking with the first dude, I knew I didn't feel comfortable with being someone else's sideline hustle. So, he hits me yesterday and I didn't call back but called again today to see "sup". So, I told him flat out that I wasn't digging the sideline hustle. I also told him that I appreciate him being straight up about once him and old boy made the decision to move in but we couldn't do shit just because of my own hangups.

Then he asked, 'well, should I ask him if we can?" Now, that caught me off guard because I'm thinking if you came to me and asked me if you could fuck another dude and I wasn't there, or depending on the situation, even if you wanted me there I would be like, "fuck naw nigga!" So, I didn't no how to answer other than, naw, yall do yall bru.

What do you think? Do you think I'm taking it too serious? Holla at me...

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