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21 May 2010

I was on X-Tube with my boy and he said that he saw one of the funniest vids on the site. I was interested so he told me to go to his page to check it out. It was a video of an assembly of young brothers doing this dance entitled, "The Dick Sling." Now, at first view I was a little taken back because these were little young dudes with basketball shorts or sweat pants and no draws swinging their dicks. I was thinking do these dudes have nothing else to do but to get in a gay round circle and decide to sling their dicks back and forth on cam. I had no other thoughts about it after seeing it.

But, I came across an e-mail that detailed some opinions about the video and there was this one cat who said that at the least, these brothers are in their home private home doing their own thing and why do we have so much to say about it? There not in the street selling drugs or in private rooms with chicks making babies that they cannot support or even, in the streets being thugs with guns and a machismo that can't be maintained. I agree, in sort.

My students do wild and crazy things all the time. They are curious about sex and they will do anything to get a nut. But, in this case, these brothers were not videotaping a whole bunch of dick sucking and ass fucking, they were just dancing. What young kid doesn't dance? So, I say all that to say, maybe we shouldn't be so critical. Yeah, they could have been reading a book or they could have been doing other things that could be more productive, but at least their not being destructive. And, hell, I was on X-Tube, I could've being doing something more productive myself!, we all have our vices and for these young brothers, if their vice is to go around slanging their dicks in front of each other, what can we say?

What do you think?

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