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27 April 2010

...Facebook: A Hook Up Site

Should Facebook or MySpace be used as a hook-up site?

My book, as I call it, was to be filled with messages from friends and family to connect with them alleviating me the dubious task of calling all the motherfuckas in my family because there are so many. Now, what I've seen is multiple friend requests from both men and women who I had no idea existed on the planet.

Dawg, I don't know you! What's the purpose for you getting on my page. Well, my assumption, and I have assumed correctly in the past, was to try and see what the deal is.

Should we use these sites as a way to hook-up? Am I taking it too seriously? Could be the paranoia, but you let me know how you feel about it.


  1. Oh, ma goodness (in my best Shanae'nae voice)!! Seriously, I thought I was the only, I remember when facebook was just college kids and old elementary buddies. But now, I confused when I get request from random dudes in Vegas talkin' bout "Yes, u r fine as hell." Wat gets me is the friend req. with no mssg! Like really? I think that shit is just rude! I'm srry. I'm trippin'.

  2. I think that we sometimes act like hoarders...there are a great deal of hook-up sites to get it in. I don't think that we should use the sites as a hook-up tool, well, I should say we shouldn't use it in that matter with those dudes who we are not sure gets down. Some guys are very uncomfortable with, mos def, it can become a nuisance.