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27 April 2010

...Think About Me Being One of Your BFF: Some of My Top Ten Ways to Hang Out With That Mofo You Trying to Get With

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We say it all the time in our everyday language, well, most of us anyway:

What's good, MAN?
What's going on, BRU?
What's happening, PARTNER?
This is my HOMEBOI, Tony...
What the deal is NIGGA...

The way we speak is indicative of what we want whether we truly realize it or not. One of the most basic human needs is companionship. I read profiles on hook up sites all the time and the thing that you will find most dudes say is, "...I'm just looking for a cool ass nigga to hang out with..." or "...I wanna laid back cool ass dude who I can hang with and nobody suspect shit is going on..."

We typically fuck a motherfucka and then leave because we don't know shit about them. Now, I know some dudes only want to fuck and leave it at that...I've read the "let me bust a nut and leave" profiles as well, but more than not, this is not the case. So, I have some suggestions of shit to do with a new dude who you're kicking it with to establish that friendship...the better you get to know a mofo, the longer it will last. And it gives you the opportunity to get out the house and do something other than just fuck for an hour and then go home and be bored...

1. Sports Games-Most of us can't afford season tickets to our favorite teams, but if you live in the same area as your college alma mater, see how much of a discount you can get for two tickets and go to a game together.

2. Sports Bars-No time or no money to get tickets? One of my favorite things is to ride to the local Sports Bar, grab a burger and the beer on special, and watch the game. Battling it out in the bar about whose team is better than the other's is definitely good hang time. Especially on weekdays when you don't want to stay out too late and you know the kitchen ain't got shit for dinner.

3. Strip Clubs-I definitely dig going to strip clubs. It is a way to get out, get some drinks, see some ass, and watch your boy see some ass and then go home with a hard-on because you know you taking him home instead of him being serviced in the Champagne room.

4. Local Restaurant-Get your coat off the office chair, lock your computer and hang out with the dude you trying to get with at a local restaurant. For the Black community and others, eating is a great way to have good conversation. You don't have to discuss anything sexual or relationship wise, just talk about regular, everyday shit you would discuss with one of your other homies.

5. Go Out of Town-Rent a car or book a plane ticket, get a hotel room and hang out in a different city. Good way to travel and chill with your dude without any interruptions.

6. Work-Out-This really should be No. 1 (although this is not in any particular order). But working out together gives you the chance to reach fitness goals together. Whether you're trying to lose, gain, or sustain your weight, you kill two birds with one stone while hanging at the gym with your boy.

7. Clean the Yard-May not seem like the best idea but if you own a home, one or the other, tell your boy to put on his Timbs and some old clothes and kick it while taking care of your home front. If the motherfucka can come over and fuck in the house and eat your shit while there, then he can help in the yard. Talk and laugh while cutting down trees, raking, mowing, etc.

8. Concerts-Really, this should be No. 1. I love music, man. How some go to church to get spiritual rejuvenation, I go to concerts. When you pick up that ticket to see one of your favorite artists, pick up one for him too, it'll be a good experience. On his tab or yours. You guys work it out.

9. Comedy Shows-Get a Crown and Redbull or a pale of beers and laugh your ass off with your boy. Your favorite comedian comes into town? Grab two tickets and laugh it up...

10. DIY-Do it yourself projects is a good way to hang out. Need new tile--do it with your dude. Painting--definitely a good way to hang. Even washing the car, especially if you have to wash it at one of those self-wash car washes. It's so much easier having another dude there to feed the change while you wash or vice versa.

Pick and choose as you like but these are definitely good suggestions. I've tried all of them. And, for the most part, even though I may not still be fucking the dudes I've done them with, we still talk, hang out and shoot the shit. Definitely good ways for new friends if you move in a new area or want to diversify the motherfuckas you hang out with...

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