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19 October 2010

Motherfucka of the Week: Franky G

Aye, papi!

To all my Spanish and Latino motherfuckas this shit is for you! I've been CRAVING that Latin flava for a couple of weeks now. I fucked with this LATIN cat once and I LOVED hearing him talk, especially while we were having sex. And, just like BLACK BOYS, LATIN BOYS come in so many different shades and they have so many different personalities.

You got the shorter, lighterskin LATIN BOYS who I always dream of fucking. A nice firm, muscle LATIN ass would make my dick jump on sight! And, to see a big MUSCLE LATIN cat is my shit.

And, with that said, HOMOS and BI-BOYS, I present to you FRANKY motherfuckin G!

If you've ever seen "The Italian Job" you know who I'm talking about. Do you remember the sexy ass muscle bound Latin cat that made the MINIs suitable for travel? Well, thats him.

Now, he is a B-List actor, but he is an A-List hottie (haha, I said hottie).

Can you say, 'he MIGHT just can get it.'

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