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23 October 2010

The Discrete Relationship 9: Not About Me, But About You

I was asked if I only respond to sexual posts or issues while on Twitter by one of my followers who I tweet with quite often and it got me to thinking.

Well, of course the answer is no. But, I do realize that the blog and the blog's twitter page, etc. are very much of a sexual nature.

SEX IS OVERRATED, yes, but I also understand that sex is a very large part of being human and I also think that we should embrace our sexual desires as long as we know how to regulate them. I promote healthy, sexual practices for the most part with the knowledge that we all fall short of the glory of MONOGAMOUS SEX.Photo by: ruSh.Me
I post various porn sites and other sexual posts for those who may not be as in tune with their sexual creativity as others are. There was a time when I suppressed my sexual desires and it left me without the sexual confidence I needed to pursue the RELATIONSHIPS I wanted to pursue and I used porn to increase that confidence because I began to realize that those on the video screen were no different from me. I have a body, a dick, an ass, and a need to connect with someone else who has the same (or pussy) and I shouldn't be ashamed to share myself physically with someone who I was sexually and mentally attracted to.

The one thing I want my readers and others who may visit the blog to understand is I do all of this so that you can do this with the intent of making your RELATIONSHIPS better. My past RELATIONSHIPS have always been uninhibited because I began to TELL AND SHOW my significant other at the time what I wanted and I gave him or her the opportunity to do the same. IT ALWAYS MAKES FOR A BETTER SEXUAL AND MENTAL RELATIONSHIP!

My ultimate goal is to spread a word of GOOD SEX that is SAFE SEX and SAFE SEX that can become MONOGAMOUS SEX leading to HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS.

So, no, its not just about sex, but in the words of Lauryn Hill, "I add a motherfucka, so them ignant niggas hear me."

I've been wanting to put that on here for so long, and it just seems fitting. I love all y'all and I don't think its a matter of ignorance per se, but just to enlighten those, especially the young cats who get into this and let it take over their lives, that there's more to life than sex, but life is more fulfilled when you have GREAT SEX AND HEALTHY SEXUAL PRACTICES.

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