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17 September 2010

...Joe Torry...A Classic Favorite

Since most of y'all motherfuckas feel like you like dark meat over white meat, I have a special favorite of mine for you to enjoy. Joe Torry has always been one of my favorite celebrities because I look at him and he has most of the qualities I like in a guy. Yea, you may say he's corny premiering in underground films and other movies that are not slated as "majorly distributed films" but he made his mark on the comedy world back when Def Comedy Jam was the shit and motherfuckas felt like shit when they missed an episode. And, remember, back then we didn't have 'record' on our cable boxes so you had to be home when Russell Simmons made the deal on what time the show would air.

The thing I like about Torry is that he LOOKS like he is good in bed and a freak and he has worked hard to show it with the sex appeal that oozes from his swag. If I could get him in the bedroom I think I would be one happy camper. So, I say, enjoy! -- youtubevid--IN NOTHING BUT DRAWERS

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