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15 September 2010

...The Gay Afrocentric...???

Afrocentrism is the study of the African Diaspora and committing to being aware politically in order to foster equal rights for minorities everywhere. I subscribe to Afrocentrism because I think its important to recognize that our "melting pot" just isn't hot enough. To recognize that the ability to make hit songs, where skinny jeans, and where the latest trends--or even to be able to earn a doctorate and be hired in prestigious law firms and hospitals doesn't put an end to racism and prejudice.

However, what Afrocentrism also speaks to is the black family. Marrying a black woman, having black children, and teaching them the principles needed to survive in a world where blacks are not appreciated or valued. So, where do I fit in the equation?

When I came to accept (or somewhat accept) my sexuality the major thing that I became concerned about is my commitment to this ideal. How can I truly call myself a 'good black man' when I am not living my 'personal' life by the guide of those ancestors who came before me who I admire greatly.

I am a Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Angela Davis, Huey Newton, Stokely Carmichael (and I could go on) type of dude. I think how they committed their life to the revolution of black people is remarkable and I feel a duty to continue their mission. So, the duality of dealing with being 'gay' would serve to be a problem.

How do I come to terms with my sexuality and also be comfortable in circles of others who have committed their lives to the upward mobility of Africans everywhere if I will never have the "traditional" family that is expected of me? It's hard to think about being rejected by the community I fight so hard with and for. Do I, when I'm comfortable for anyone to know my sexuality, keep fighting and disregard rejection knowing that I also have an allegiance to my own beliefs and my own sexuality or do I repress my sexuality and do what is expected?

I was never a follower so it's even amazing to me that I have these feelings, but it is such a serious issue for me. I'm not sure exactly how my life will play out, but what I do know is trying to make the game plan is definitely difficult. If I play the defense, it means I am insecure with myself, if I play offense, it means i have to be ready to attack anyone who doesn't believe what I believe and I believe every one should have their own opinion.

Can the two mix?

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