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15 September 2010

...Can I Just Say, Please Don't Judge Me For This...

Yo, nigga, I just heard that new Willow shit...don't act like you ain't heard it or at least heard about it, I know we all grown men and shit, but the real of it is good music is good music and I think this little chick is gonna be something to be reckoned with. Now, I noticed Willow (Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith's daughter) a while back and I recognized the creative energy that flowed from her style and her demeanor. And, I knew, especially when the middle boy started to do the acting thing, that Willow was next in line to do big things. Well, it seems your boy was right.

Now, the hardest thing about this song is the beat--the beat is SICK! A sample, I know, but still SICK! But she has a handle on her voice, she is able to balance singing with rapping without seeming as if she is rapping-singing, you know how peeps in the industry try to do that bullshit ass sing and rap shit, but she does well with the balance between the two--sort of an up and coming, young, female version of Drake. I dig it. I like it. I thinks she's going to be the shit and I think y'all motherfuckas shouldn't be ashamed to listen to it just because she is a little ass girl singing over a track.

Listen to the shit and make a decision for yourself!

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