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26 September 2010


I have to take a breath before I begin...

I am about to say something that maybe controversial, and you have to understand that I am NOT a Christian. I can appreciate the Christian faith and I subscribe to certain philosophies and commandments that were given to man from God to create the Bible, but I do not claim to be a Christian.

In the Bible, God says, "thou shall have no other Gods before me."

Right? Right.

So, why are we a Nation that idolizes people. We idolize celebrities, we idolize our religious leaders, we idolize our President, we idolize our parents, our significant others, and sometimes, even ourselves.Bishop Eddie Long is a MAN. He is a human man with a penis who has various experiences that motivates his actions. Now, I do not relinquish the Bishop, if he is guilty, as these are alleged charges, for coming onto or actively participating in sexual acts with minors. No. I do not relinquish him from his responsibility to be an adult about his sexual wants and needs.

However, come on, really? The reason why the Black community is in an uproar about this dude is because Bishop Eddie Long became an idol God for his congregation and for some who watch him religiously on their flat screen tvs.

Millions of dollars invested in private planes and runways, clothing and robes for him, mansions for him and his family, etc. He became an idol God. Now, I do believe that when you do the work of God you should be rewarded for him using you as a vessel to preach the Gospel that God has laid for his people. But, HE IS ONLY THE VESSEL by which that message is given.

He is prone to error, he is prone to sin, he is prone to falling weak to his temptations. Quite frankly, and I hate to sound judgmental, but he, along with the likes of Kirk Franklin and other ministers have what the daughter on "US of Tara" calls, "the gay face." I know that sounds bad, but be realistic. So, why are you surprised?

Are you surprised because he was a staunch advocate against homosexuality? Well, that's a sign because all the hetero men I know don't give a fuck about another man's penis, they're just trying to get their's in some pussy.

Are you surprised because he submitted to the will of God and the Bible, and SUPPOSEDLY, both of them say, well to those who seem to interpret it this way, 'man shall not lay with another man.' Well, does not every man sin even after giving his life to Christ?

Or, maybe, you are surprised because he is accused of hitting of trying to allure boys who are under age to engage in sexual acts with him and used money as bait? Well, don't some of you 30 and over motherfuckas meet teenyboppers on those sites who say their 18 and then when they tell you the truth you continue to fuck with them?

No, maybe, its because he should be more 'honorable' because of his position and resist temptations because he has a 'flock' and a family? Well, isn't YOUR minister fucking the chick on the front row who spreads her legs open to show her pussy especially for him while he preaches the Word of God?

LISTEN, this shit is not new, neither is it surprising. Bishop Eddie Long should not be judged any differently from the man who walks down the street with traces of white powder under his nose. Why? Because at the end of the day both of them are sinners and both of them have temptations and both of them fall to the wages of sin.

Whose to say that Bishop Eddie Long, if guilty, or even if not guilty, was not molested when he was a young boy and he internalized that psychologically and acted out on it? Whose to say that he did exert some self-control and only hit on 30 instead of the 75 that he really wanted to? Whose to say that he is a staunch advocate against homosexuality as a means to try and make himself not fall into temptation?

Well, all I WILL SAY is, let the man who is without sin cast the first stone!

Have you found your brick yet or do you stand knowing that maybe we should look at this situation a little differently?

Catholic ministers are told that they cannot have sex from the time they accept the position of minister until the day they die. WTF??? What man can go his entire life without any type of human sexual contact? These men are trying to get a NUTT by any means necessary without publicly breaking the rules of being in a relationship or being married. And, why, do we hold them to such high standards?

GET THE MOTHERFUCKING WORD, PAY YOUR TITHES, AND WORSHIP GOD, not the man with whom the message is coming from. And, that sounds ludicrous to some, but honestly, it is not THE MAN with whom you put trust and faith, it is GOD. Because if no sin is greater than the other, a minister catching a cigarette on his back church is no bigger than him fucking that little boy in the butt! And, I didn't make the rules, somehow the paritioners of the Christian faith did.

Its your choice. I think that the situation should be handled between him, his family, and those who accuse him of the allegations. But, remember, do not continue to idolize gods who are not GOD! And, let them damn Catholic ministers fuck something every now and again, maybe they'll stop fucking with the little white boys.

Have a good one my good readers!

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