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25 July 2010

Muscle Feature: Orso Orfeo

I got an e-mail the other day and came across this dark, thick cat with a fat ass and a cute face. My nature started to rise just looking at his body laced in just a jock strap until...the complete nudes became visible as I scrolled down the page.

One thing that we all want and desire is a dude who is physically fit and we always try to connect with other cats on a fitness level (i.e., "I'm looking for a workout partner" know who you are). Well, this guy would definitely be able to teach you some things in and outside of the gym.
Dark-skin, bald head, nice ass and a face to boot, Orso Orfeo is the dude you're looking for. So, again, in honor of the darkskinned motherfuckas around the world and for all those who need a little inspiration to get out the bed and into the gym, our Muscle Feature of the Week!

P.S.-Click the 2nd pic above to see Orso wrestle and jack his 8in dick!

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