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13 June 2010

Porn Star AND Porn Site Feature: D. Vargas for BLACKBUSTEDVIDEO.COM

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I guess this week I'm really feeling like I need to be in the midst of some light skinned muscular asses, maybe because my dick has been hard all weekend thinking of one particular guy in general, so you guys get to enjoy the fruits of what my loins need, man.

THAT DAMN D. VARGAS! I saw D. Vargas for the first time in a fuck flick on with this Latino cat with like an 11 inch dick. And, what made me like D so much is that he is so fucking sensual with his shit even when him and his porn partner for the day is going at it so rough. How you balance the two? IDK! But, dammit, this motherfucka gets the inventor award.

Like nipple play, he fucks wit it, like kissing, he definitely fucks wit it, like to see muscular ass legs spread open wit a dick in the hole--that's fucking D. Vargas. Dude is sexy as hell and he is the sexiest when he's giving head and smoking a blunt. Those pink ass lips and that goatee wrapped around a blunt and then wrapped around a dick head is classic!

So, check out your boy either on XTUBE as DazzVargas or on his own website:

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