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15 May 2010

Writer's Review of "Just Wright"

I always have low expectations for black love stories. I've been disappointed in the past with them. But, honestly, I have low expectations for any experience so if the experience is a bad experience I'm not too disappointed. After watching Tyler Perry's second edition of "Why" I really was on some shit like, dude, you don't even have to see these movies anymore. Stick to action, foreign, and psychological thrillers because obviously we don't do too too well with writing about love. That could be for several reasons, but that's a whole 'nother discussion about the black psyche.

So, my homey, a female, calls me Thursday and is like, dawg, I wanna go see Just Wright. I'm like, I can just watch it when it comes out on dvd because banging out $10 for some bullshit is stupid to me. But, she goes on and on about how we gotta go support Common and The Queen and it might be good--let's give it a try. So, I cave in, I'm off work, can catch a matinee so WTH.

I was NOT disappointed. Everybody knows I have a bias toward rappers in film just because the industry gives them such a hard time when they transition from music to film and a great deal of lyricists have acting skills as good as or even better than what they put down in the studio. Common and Queen, which I did not think would be possible, had great chemistry, I think that many can relate to the story line, and it details how we marginalize certain body types and personalities when we look for love--or moreso, when love finds us.

Now, I don't want to tell the story line and piss all of you guys off, but I will say that "Brown Sugar" is one of my all time favorite black love stories and this movie is definitely in that category. Very advanced sets, great acting, stellar actors, and a great story line, although some of it predictable, makes "Just Wright" one of the best feel-good love stories for the summer of 2010. Check It Out!



  1. Hands down/flat out, LOVE JONES is the all-time greatest urban love story to date.....BROWN SUGAR IS #2 for me, havent seen Just Wright yet