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04 May 2010

Favorite Team Highlights

I have to laugh at myself sometimes because when I tell other people about some of the guys I'm attracted to they can't see them being attractive. I've always been the type of motherfucka who liked weird shit. I opted to write in between the dotted lines on writing worksheets instead of playing on the monkey bars, my dream car is the Mercedes AMG55 SUV, which most people hate, and I'd rather a tattoo in the back of my skull then on my bicep.

So, of course, when Amare Stoudamire got put into the league I was initially attracted. The skinny, long head blazened with ultra thick eye b
rows, full African nose and lips and a lean, but semi-muscular builds lends to my attractions. And the boy got game--I'm sure on and off the court.

Featuring our Sports Muscle of the Week:

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