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05 October 2010

TwitShit: Post1

Well, Let's Call This One...TWITDICK!

I like fitted clothes, not tight, not baggy, just clothes that fit me like I'm a grown ass man--at 28 and being a "professional" you have to understand the importance of how that shit is tailored to your body.

Today, though, little dudes seem to like everything big on them, well, for the most part because some actually where shit too tight. But, they like big shit, big jeans, big shirts, big cars, and clearly, for the homo youngins, BIG DICKS.

But, you have to wear shit that fits you. Including your condom. Young dudes seem to have an obvious obsessions with MAGNUMS. Magnums aren't meant for everybody--I've even seen little dudes with 5 in and 6 in dicks trying to use magnums only for it to fall off their dicks.

But, I just came across my first TWITSHIT! A little dude who would actually fit one...LOL. Dude's name is @Magnum_Life and he would fit one just right. So, if you like MAGNUMS and a dude that can fit it, check out his new vid. Follow him (AND UR BOY, @ExtraProduction).

BIG-UPS (in every sense of the word)!

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