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04 October 2010

I hate snakes, don't even like to too much look at the motherfuckas, but I know one Python I wouldn't mind getting tangled with.

PYTHON, new cat from Dawgpound, is a mocha colored, tattooed, big dicked, curly haired motherfucka who knows how to put shit down in the bedroom. I noticed Python from XTube and saw the updates for the Dawgpound site. His first vid, as most porn dudes, was a jackoff vid and it got me hard as a brick. And, I'm not a "watch a dude jack off" on video type of cat so I had to go to Dawgpound to see what the fuck was going on.

So, just recently they added a full sex clip where he smashes this little lightskin, nice bootied, tattooed youngin and the shit was dope.

If you need to connect with nature, going to see some Pythons is definitely what you need!

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