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26 October 2010


I think that guys who consider themselves 'CHRONIC MASTURBATORS' are freaky individuals who feel like if they act out every single freaky thing they want to do to sooo many different types of dudes and how many times a day they want to do it, it will be SELF-DESTRUCTIVE.

I can, literally, count on my hands how many people I've had intercourse with...yes, some of it gets a little fuzzy sometimes, but yes, on MY HANDS! Now, I did say INTERCOURSE so please don't think I'm trying to fly high as an angel because I've done some LOW DOWN things in my day. But, when I have that day off or get time to myself and especially when the 'regular(s)'-LOL-are not available, my computer and my imagination can be my best sex partners.

And, when you're alone you can tell HIM or HER whatever you want to without any inhibitions, which makes great practice for the bedroom especially if you are a little SHY while fucking. It is also one of the safest alternatives to living out your every fantasy.

Like, shhh, I'm going to tell you a secret, (I tell y'all motherfuckas too many DAMN secrets yo) but I have this thing for CIGAR BEARS. Don't fucking judge me! LOL...

I don't think I'll ever live that out for my own personal reasons, but to watch two muscular, hairy ass, thick ass dudes going at it and smoking a cigar with some Scotch just gets my goat and is able to give me good cheese.

Masturbation is a healthy form of releasing that sexual tension you may not be able to do with someone else in the time frame that you want and it allows you to teach yourself what YOU like, especially if you the type of dude who always wants to please.

And, remember, YOUR HAND WILL THANK YOU, you're the only one who can give him a GOOD FUCK!

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