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05 June 2010

Muscle Feature: Johnnie Jackson

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As we continue our mission to be fitness gurus who have the power to bench press double, triple, sometime quadruple our own body weight, I like to give you guys a little inspiration so that you are continuously motivated to meet those goals you have set out for yourself.

I remember the first laptop I ever got. That was my personal computer and it was for my eyes only. I got it the summer before I started undergrad and that computer had more muscle men pictures in my cache than anything else! And, was one of my favorite websites to go and look at amazing physiques of body builders across the country.

I didn't know anything about porn, fetishes, hell, I didn't even know how sex with another dude went down at all. But, what I did know is that these muscle bound dudes could make me nutt like no other. And, there was this one dude, JOHNNIE motherfucking JACKSON, and I would just look at his pics and get so fucking aroused. The bedroom eyes, the chest and biceps, the hands, hell, even the haircut would make me feel some type of way.

So, in honor of one of the first dudes who got my goat going when I didn't even know I had a goat to get, here is Johnny "Motherfucking" Jackson!

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