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28 May 2010

Motherfucka of the Week: THE GAME



East Coast Riders have always had a problem with the West Coast, even before the whole Biggie and Tupac fiasco. For some reason the East Coast, at first, felt as if the West Coast was trying to take over Hip-Hop although Hip-Hop's birthplace is right here on the East Coast.

But, what they didn't realize then that we all realize now is that the West Coast gave Hip-Hop a new uniform, outlayed with some Converse and a Hoodie, and it was definitely a good look on the kid if I do say so myself.

What the West Coast brought was a more heightened form of "gangsta" rap that enthralled the lyrics of the East Coast. But, what the East Coast couldn't balance, that the West Coast could, at first, was the combination of "conscious" rap with "gangsta" rap. The West Coast had figured a way to call motherfuckas "whitey" while also maintaing a gangsta swagga that spoke to the masses across the Nation.

And, so, when we get this bad ass motherfucka, The Game, we see what can grow from the seeds that the West Coast planted. A well-balanced wholesome motherfucka who can kick it in the studio and the hood, speak about pussy with sultriness while maintaining that masculine bravado, and can still walk into a corporate conference room and cop business deals. What is so great about this cat is that not only is he able to hold all venues of his life down, from raising the kids, repping Compton and all other hoods across the country, and making big deals, he is a sexy ass dude.

The basketball build adorned with meaningful tattoos that speak toward his own art, the brown eyes that can put fear into the hearts of many but can make a motherfucka fall head over heels, and the swagga that's not mean, but ferocious, makes him a winner a my camp.

See, he's one of those dudes I could be with for a while. And, I'm not the easily committed type of dude so that speaks mounds about him.

From the seeds of the N.W.A., Dr. Dre, and Tupac, I give you that man-child that's still holding down the wild, wild west...


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