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28 May 2010

The Discrete Relationship 3: The Long-Distance...Thing, Revisited


I guess labels are for those who seem to want the pressure of being with one person and we've agreed that labels are not suitable for us. The biggest thing about this long distance...thing is that not only does he not live in the same state as I do, but he is leaving to go across the country until December.

Now, we have made some agreements that will maintain our relationship during this time; however, how do you not get emotionally vested in someone else when the person you're supposed to be emotionally vested in is not accessible. E-mails are great, phone calls when you get them are cool, but what keeps one from venturing out and not just having sex with random motherfuckas.

Yes, we have a sex agreement--a fuck is a fuck and is nothing more than that. You don't go out with that motherfucka, no beers at the sports bar, no games on the weekends--hang with your friends and call it a day. Bust a nut with a motherfucka every now and again and be satisfied until he comes back.

And, I guess the reason why I am experiencing this type of relationship is because my attention span is like that of an 2-year old. I love you, I leave you. Now, the Creator has given me such an arduous task and I guess the lesson is, can you do it? And, can you do it under these EXTREME circumstances.

Wow bru...only time will tell, but what I can say is I dig the cat and hopefully, it will do its thing when he gets back--the question is, how do you look at the last year of your life having sacrificed if it doesn't. It's a risky business, but hell, somebody's gotta do it.

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